Insist on Fabulous.

My story is incredible!  For over 34 years I have created amazing places for people exploring the spiritual side of life.  Serving as a pastor and spiritual mentor alongside my husband was heaven on earth for me.  One terribly sad moment in January of 2013, it all came to a halt when my husband confessed to an affair.  I had a sense of devastating loss as my life unraveled.  Where I once knew success, incredible passion and purpose, happiness and security.  My life dissolved into failure, a deep sense of loss, paralyzing fear and a crises of identity and faith.  My life story took an abrupt detour, with days filled with begging God for the miraculous.  Finally, I realized no one was going to come and save me – no miracles, no fairy tale Hollywood ending.

In the face of all of this loss, I knew very well, that if I continued to do life as I was accustomed to, I was sentenced to a imprisoned mind of tormenting painful thoughts. I was faced with a defining choice as I came to realize I had spent a better part of my life perfecting self-abandonment.  It was painful to admit I had no idea how to love myself. I could choose to move forward in denial, refusing to face my fear and pain square in the eye, or I could choose to embark on what turned out to be an intensive process within myself.  I decided I was wrestling this internal monster and claiming my power, self-love, joy and peace.  I promised I would never abandon me and again.  

So here I am embracing joy in recreating my life.  I am eager to share my thoughts from this incredible journey I am on.  I see people everyday that live in misery and disappointment. Depression is rampant and dreams are dormant. We are driven by mad making thoughts and limiting beliefs. There is a part of me that feels for the first time in my life, I really have something of value to offer and say.  

I am on a mission, to be the force that inspires the possibility of fabulous, with clarity of who I am and what I want.  Being intentional in living my day from a sacred space, doing life and work in an audacious, completely, deliciously happy way.