It's Time To Feel Fabulous About Your Spiritual Life.



I see people everyday that live in misery and disappointment. Depression is rampant and dreams are dormant. We are driven by mad making thoughts and limiting beliefs.


Maybe you know all too well the face of struggle, fear and self-doubt.  Maybe you know life is meant to be more, more joy and creativity freely flowing.  Me too. I have looked pain square in the eye.  I know the reality of waking up at 2 am paralyzed with fear. I have known devastating loss.  And facing the defining moment to joyfully recreate my life. 


For over 34 years I have created amazing places for people exploring the spiritual side of life, serving as a pastor and spiritual mentor.  I spend my days advising business owners.  I combine spirituality with sound business principles, a sacred strategist. 

It's time to feel fabulous about your spiritual life. 

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